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Kim Kardashian: Kanye 'styled Me Tonight' - Yahoo News

PHOTOS: Kim & Kanye: Since The Beginning "She changed my life for the better," Kanye gushed. "I was staying in a little small house when I got my first publishing deal. I had Grammys all in the bathroom. Now she's got it set up all nice. Estate living." -- Paige Feigenbaum Copyright 2015 by NBC Universal, Inc .
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/kim-kardashian-kanye-styled-tonight-054030758.html

Kim Kardashian Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction At 2015 Grammys; Reality Star Shares How She Saved Dress

But the red carpet star and her crew managed to put their homemaking skills to the test to save the day. When I sat it ripped and we were sewing and safety-pinning," she explained. Kims people weren't the only ones looking out for her well-being last night. Kanye West, 37, couldnt keep his eyes -- or hands -- off his stunning wife at the Grammy Awards. In fact, Kim revealed Kanye, who was nominated in two categories , was the mastermind behind her eye-catching ensemble for the night.
Source: http://www.ibtimes.com/kim-kardashian-suffers-wardrobe-malfunction-2015-grammys-reality-star-shares-how-she-1809906

Kim Kardashian Stuns in Low-Cut GRAMMYs Gown, Says North West Already Has a 'Paparazzi Pose? - Yahoo Celebrity

Kile February 6, 2015 8:25 PM Done Kim Kardashian is stripping down yet again, for Love Magazine. The reality star posted some pics from the recent photoshoot to her Twitter account Friday, and several more images (some of them full-frontal nudes ) were posted by a fan account . View gallery NEWS: Kim Kardashian Poses Nude as British GQ's Woman of the Year Kardashian may be taking her clothes off for the magazine, but she still claims thats not how she got famous in the first place. Kim admits to being annoyed when people say her infamous sex tape with singer Ray J in 2003 "launched her career." "Maybe that's how some people heard of me but I didn't launch my career off of that," Kim told Love. "That was 12 years ago, no 13 years ago, so I just try to move on and put it in the past because I think everyone in life does things that they're not proud of but you can't sit and dwell on them forever." Kardashian has done her best to move on from the sex tape scandal, but admits, "if I do have one regret in life that's it."
Source: https://celebrity.yahoo.com/news/kim-kardashian-regrets-sex-tape-012500911.html

Kim Kardashian debuts short haircut | TheCelebrityCafe.com

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